Gorging Some Yummy Thai Food @ Thai House, Pune

My Introduction To The Realm Of Thai Food :

My first exposure to Thai food was right at the time I had come to Pune & honestly my first experience was not so great one. Unfortunately I was very carried away with an assumption that Thai flavors are not made for me & trust me when I say that because I literally stayed off Thai food for a matter of good 6-8 months. Then came an era wherein few restaurants like Malaka Spice & Tsaai Shen Yeh exposed me to much refined form of Thai food where the flavors were much more acceptable to my palate & gradually over a period of time I started falling in love with it for the following reasons,

  1. Thai food had very distinct ingredients used in various dishes which gave me exposure to different tastes & textures.
  2. The Thai herbs opened up a whole new set of senses for me !
  3. Thai food when prepared by right hands can make you go crazy over each and every bite with those unique flavors, taste & textures hitting your taste buds in every possible way 🙂

While exploring Thai food, I came across a YouTuber by the name of Mark Wiens who runs a food blog by name of Migrationology and an amazing YouTube channel also by same name – Migrationology. His videos about local food at Thailand kept my taste buds craving for even more. Despite the fact that I do not eat sea food, I was enthralled by the way Thai  people would work with different fresh ingredients may it be vegetables, meats, seafood or even their legendary herbs !

Then came the final nail in the coffin – Thai House. This place just bowled me flat the first time I went there with their amazing food !

A Little Bit About Thai House:

Thai House is a small cozy restaurant located at Bopodi / Khadki. It is run by Jo & his family who basically hail from Thailand & they started Thai House long back in Pune. They have both indoor AC  & outdoor section. They specialize in only Thai food & you would not find anything else in their menu. Their menu is a pleasure to read. It features both Thai name of the dish  and the detailed description of the dish in English also which is very helpful for confused souls like me.  During all the times I have been there I always talk to Jo before I order & Jo helps me in the right way to get  the best things on my table.

My Food Experience Here:

I have been here a little over three times & unfortunately I still end up ordering my favorites. Their menu starts with soups & moves all the way to desserts with things to please like appetizers, stir fry’s, curries, mains in the form of rice & noodles also! Being a Thai place, the menu has equal focus on both veg & non veg dishes. My pro-tip here would be : In case you do not eat seafood do drop a note to Jo without forgetting because Thai cuisine uses fish sauce/sea food based sauces generously to even flavor their meat dishes. To walk you through my individual experiences,

Tom Yum Soup ( Veg & Chicken ) – This is a clear soup served here with chunks of boiled veggies like baby corn, carrots etc. & if you order the chicken version there are additional chicken chunks added apart from the veggies. Honestly this soup is a wolf is sheep’s clothing for me. Spicy, tangy & full on flavor of Thai herbs like galangal, lemon grass etc. Each sip hits you right in the back of your head & you would feel hot air blowing off your nose & ears! Surprisingly the spiciness is very much palatable & enjoyable at the same time, till now there have not been any after effects of this high level of heat 🙂

Thai Food Tom Yum Soup
Tom Yum Soup

Garlic Pepper Chicken – Crispy chunks of deep fried chicken tossed with tons of crushed garlic served with a sweet chilly sauce. I so wish they serve this masterpiece with beer !

Thai Food Garlic Pepper Chicken
Garlic Pepper Chicken

Thai Toast Supreme Prawns – Lightly seasoned prawns on a slice of thick bread coated in a egg wash & deep fried served with chilly vinegar ( nam prik) sauce. The taste of toast by itself was okayish but once we add the chili vinegar with onions on the top the taste gets even better. But just a note that dish can be a little heavy on your stomach since there is lot of bread involved!

Thai Food Thai Toast Supreme Prawns
Thai Toast Supreme Prawns

Som Tum Tood ( Veg) – Mixed veggies wrapped in a doughy coating deep fried to crispy perfection. This was served with spicy lemon dressing with toasted peanuts. Simple tangy flavors & textures.

Thai Food Som Tom Tood
Som Tom Tood

Thai Omelette– This was very different to our regular omelettes. The egg was lightly beaten & deep fried. The first one that came into our table had a generous dose of fish sauce hence we had to return it & get another one without the fish sauce. I would not recommend the calorie conscious folks to try this since its a little too oily for our eating habits. While I had seen many blogs who talk about serving this with nam prik sauce, here the omelette was served all by itself & no sauce was served. I assume this would be because we opted out of fish sauce.

Thai Food Thai Omelette
Thai Omelette


Thai Red Curry With Garlic Rice Bowl – The rice was super garlicy & served in huge quantity(do note that they have options for smaller portions of rice also) in a nicely designed vessel.  The red curry on other hand was very strong with its flavors & honestly we could not appreciate it too much. But a few things to note here is that, the curry is made with fresh curry paste which is very evident from the aroma that this curry brings on to your entire table & the curry had a good amount of veggies like baby corn, tofu, thai brinjal etc.

Thai Food Thai Red Curry With Garlic Rice
Thai Red Curry With Garlic Rice

Chicken Pad Thai Noodles – Flat rice noodles  are tossed in their in-house pad thai sauce along with chunks of chicken. This is further seasoned generously with crushed peanuts & bean sprouts covered entirely in a fried egg omelette. Thai house serves one of the good pad thai’s for me personally & their flavors i.e sweet & sour are spot on for my palate.

Thai Food Pad Thai Chicken
Pad Thai Chicken

Nam Lam Yai – A juice made with dried longan berry fruit. They do have some unique drinks in their menu & it would be in your best interest to check with Jo for day’s specials. I was very skeptical at trying this out first but one sip was all that was required to make me fall in love with this. This drink is completely refreshing & tastes very earthy.

Fried Ice Cream – A single scoop of vanilla ice cream is covered in  a piece of bread, coated in a egg wash & flash fried in hot oil. It is served hot on your plates garnished with lots of icing sugar. The  taste & texture of ice cream even though deep fried is maintained intact in the dish. The taste for me is very much like a fusion of pudding and a pie served with scoop of ice cream !

Thai Food Fried Ice Cream
Fried Ice Cream

Final Verdict:

Thai House plates up some very bold flavors on to your plate with every single dish. They have their own versions of standard Thai fare & you may not like the same at very first time. You must understand one thing with respect to new flavors like Thai, you take a little bit of time to get accustomed to it. While you may find things not so good in terms of palatability over first visit, but over a period of time you would eventually start appreciating the flavors & fall in love with the cuisine. What I have said is not just with respect to Thai House but in general for Thai cusine 🙂

Do talk to Jo if you have any doubts on what to order & he would happily help you out. Service here is very good since majority of the things are handled by Jo itself. And Jo is so kind that he packs me up a few litres of longan berry juice almost every time we visit Thai house and says it is on the house 🙂 Thai house is not one of the cheapest places but when I look into the quantity & quality of their offerings, I kind of feel that the price is justified. Overall a meal of two is very hard to close under Rs.1200. So this is not your “every time you crave for thai” place !

But do visit this place for some very different Thai fare whenever you want to take your taste buds on a ride.

Must Haves: Chicken Pad Thai Noodles, Longan Berry Juice, Stir Fry’s were also very good !

Can Avoid: Thai omelette was a little too oily for our palate.

Address:Shop No 1&2, Raviraj Heritage, Near Pune It Park, Bhau Patil Road,, Bopodi, Classicism Society, Shanta Niketan, Bopodi, Pune, Maharashtra 410020

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/pyvZLEUiLQA2

Contact Number: +91 98225 17975

Cheers !


P.S Sorry for the quality for images since the lighting was not so great we could get the best images 🙁


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