Say Hello To “Aapla Manus” At The Theatres Near You!

Language: Marathi (with English Subtitles)

Genre: Suspense, Drama

Cast: Nana Patekar, Sumeet Raghavan, Iravati Hershe

Rating: 4/5

From the hilarious Uday Shetty of Welcome series to the miserable father screaming “Kuni, Ghar Deta Ka Re? Ghar?” in the recent Marathi movie Natsamrat, this actor is back with yet another awesome role! This time with double the dose. Yes! Nana Patekar plays 2 different roles in the movie – Aapla Manus! (meaning “Our Man”)

Aapla Manus is produced by the Ajay Devgan Ffilms and is the first Marathi movie by Viacom18 Motion Pictures. This movie is an adaptation of the play “Katkon Trikon” by Vivek Bele.

Plot (just a gist!)

The movie begins with an old man by the name Aba Gokhale (Nana) falling from an apartment and lying on the ground and the arrival of the inspector Maruti Nagargoje (Nana in a double role!) to investigate the case. Maruti later confronts the son, Rahul (Sumeet) and the daughter in law (Iravati) separately to understand the case. He tries to break into the fine details of their complicated relationship with Aba and their daily arguments and heated conversations that took place few days before the crime. Was it a suicide? If so, what led Aba to commit suicide? Was it a murder? If so, could it be the daughter in law who did this to get rid of her old cranky father in law? Can it be the son himself? Only Aba can tell, but he cant! Why? He is in a coma! The movie taps on all the possible perspectives and versions of the same incident and the suspense of “whodunit” is what forms the heart of the movie.

Highlights & Setbacks

The story required an inquisitive inspector who checks all the minute details of a crime scene. He also digs into what are the possible ways to solve the case. Nana Patekar was so convincing with his performance, that every time he establishes a statement and says this is what happened on the night of the crime, we as audience immediately get carried away with that interpretation. His role as Aba is where his true skills of drama are portrayed. Seeing him as Aba, who, for once wants to get reunited with his grandson and for two, can’t stop cribbing about his daughter in law’s day to day actions and decisions puts us in a place where we are sure to be reminded that “Ye toh ghar ghar ki baat hai”!

Summet Raghavan, my hero from the cult TV show “Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai” has carved his journey from small screen to Marathi cinema . His role as a son who is stuck with the daily tiffs between his wife and father is relatable to many households! Iravati Hershe is great with her role of self-centered, ambitious daughter in law. All of their roles undoubtedly get overshadowed by Nana Patekar as he takes you into a world of drama and enthralls you with his large amount of screen presence in the movie.

Director Satish Rajwade has kept the pace & the suspense in the movie going until the very end. Making a no-song movie and yet keeping it so gripping is a talent on its own! He definitely nailed it there.

What let me down was that the movie could have had a better-structured crisp ending. With an unwanted cameo we felt we lost the “thrill” in the movie and it slowly drifted in to being an emotional affair!

My Takeaway!

This movie clearly highlights on how an incident can be viewed and interpreted in different ways by the society. How different perspectives can weave a different story for the same incident. In the road of life, relationships can be slightly bumpy at times but we all have an “Aapla Manus“ besides us to help us! Similarly, the movie may have had its share of flaws and deviation in the end but we all had our talented “Aapla Manus” to take care of it!

So go on peeps, book your tickets now!

A Still From The Movie



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