Launch & Review of “The Tap Room” @ Barbquest, Wakad, Pune

A Little Bit About Barbquest

Barbquest is the brain child of my friend My.Siddhesh Gadiyar. Apart from being an avid foodie himself, Siddhesh has had long associations with hospitality industry & has worked with different restaurants at various different levels as a consultant. Barbquest hosts two different dining concepts under a single roof –

1.) The Tap Room – At the tap room you get best craft beers from 4 different breweries ( Effingut, Kimaya, Independence & Doolally ) under single tap along with bar nibbles & pre-plated main courses.

2.) A buffet section – Here the barbeque is set right on your table wherein you can grill pre-marinated & semi-cooked meats, veggies to your choice. Over and above this, you have a buffet section too concentrating on multi cuisine specialties.

The Look & Feel: 

For anyone visiting Barbquest there are two options available for you ,

1.) Tap Room – This section comes with easy comfy decor with minimalist  focus on interiors. Nothing seems overdone & those quirky posters on the wall add some definite character to this place. This place has both indoor air conditioned section & a smoking section. The smoking section however looked a little packed for me & when this place runs a full house they would definitely need a good exhaust system in place so that all the people can enjoy their experience equally.

2.) Barbeque Section – This is a section where a family can enjoy their nice private time with their loved one’s. Comfortable tables & chairs are major part of the decor since the place is more of Al Fresco themed. Though the place relies majorly on outdoor ventilation & over head fans for keeping the temperatures cool, I am pretty sure the summers are going to be daunting given there are so many hot coal pits roasting some delicious meats and veggies on every table. If it was for me, I would definitely recommend to put more air coolers/over head mist diffusers to make the overall atmosphere more pleasant.


The Bar Counter


Tap Room Seating
Quirky Posters



The Launch Experience:

I should thank Aniruddha Patil from Pune Eat Outs to provide me with this opportunity to attend the launch of Barbquest. We had two separate events for each section last week & I must say that I was quite impressed with their offerings especially in their tap room section. It would be way to early for me to comment on food but whatever I had during the launch of Tap Room event was very good. The food at the BBQ section was also pretty good but it was very much a standard fare for me in terms of taste, quality & quantity. Do note, I am not complaining when I say so but that is how the BBQ sections at any place which runs this kind of theme is supposed to be. Craft beers are available at both the sections of the restaurants which is a huge plus! There is plenty of parking available at the location & this takes another major headache off your list. So let us have a sneak peak of my experience there last week 🙂

  • Started my evening with dunkelweizen from Effingut – dark toasty notes with just the right amount of fermentation to give you an olfactrasm !

    Dunkelweizen by Effingut
  • Grilled chicken drumsticks came perfectly grilled with a little tandoori marinade in background doused generously in paprika sauce. Surprisingly I was very apprehensive about overpowering flavors but in a good way, I was proved wrong.
Grilled Chicken Drumsticks
  • Corn & cheese cigar – cheesy corny mash covered enclosed by a crispy filo deep fried to golden perfection. Came in little chai shot glassed dunked in Tabasco based sour cream/mayo sauce.
Corn & Cheese Cigars
  • Chicken Meat Balls – There are very few places who can handle ground meat so well, especially chicken in the absence of that wonderful fat. The meat balls were seasoned very well & glazed in a sweet & spicy sauce. The mozarella in the center was quite a surprise & added to that wonderful end to this beautiful dish.
Chicken Meat Balls
  • Curried Chicken Sliders – The sliders had a wonderful look however it just did not cut the benchmarks other dishes had set. The curry taste was on the notch lower side & the bun was too dense to complement the meat used. I am sure they would re-work on this.
Curried Chicken Sliders
  • Crumb fried mushroom & ricotta balls – Deep fried mushroomy goodness which goes very well with the craft beers. Would have loved a less zingy dip with it.
Mushroom & Ricotta Balls
  • Naanza – The desi take on pizza wherein a soft and fluffy naan is topped with all the gorgeous toppings to make it even more delectable. I tried both the veg(paneer tikka) and the non veg(garlic chicken) versions & was very satisfied with both. The nan, as a crust gave a fabulous texture along with right amount of toppings & generic use of cheese. The little drizzle of balsamic played its magic of elevating the overall taste to next level.
Paneer Tikka Naanza
Garlic Chicken Naanza
  • Mutton Kheema Pav – Perfectly spiced & cooked kheema served with a runny egg & in house made bun’s( they are going to replace it with pav’s very soon ). Although I am not much of a mutton fan, still I loved this dish for its simple yet soul comforting taste.
Mutton Kheem Pav
  • Veg/Chicken Biryani –  It is “not” a dum cooked version but you should trust me when I say this was one of the good biryani’s one can have in any place that essentially does not specialize in biryani. The veggie version came with oodles of veggies tossed generously in the masala & brista layered up with rice flavored delicately with khewra water. The chicken version on the other hand had a very similar masala & brista combo to pair up with perfectly cooked boneless chicken chunks.
Veg Biryani
  • For desserts we had chocolate mud pie & tiramisu. The mud pie had all the gooey goodness of chocolate combined with a crunchy toasty tart to hold it up all together. It came with a small side of vanilla ice cream which complemented the overall taste very well. The tiramisu on the other hand hit most of the right chords for me but I did miss that extra bittery kick of coffee in their version of tiramisu.
Chocolate Mud Pie

My Opinion:

My overall experience at the time of launch was very good in terms of food taste, quantity & quality. I did look through their menu & I feel they have priced their offerings quite reasonably. A place like taproom is a dire need for all the craft beer lovers on this side of the city especially when they have more than 10 beers on the tap at a given time from all the different breweries of Pune. I would love to see this place grow to its best limits & serve us some great food with some amazing beer. Best wishes to entire team Barbquest.

My Recommendations:

Must Have’s : Naanza, Grilled chicken drumsticks & chocolate mud pie.

Avoid: Too early to comment on this – let them get a breather first !

Address: Barbquest, Datta mandir road, Wakad, Pune.

Map Location:,73.7628759,19z?hl=en

Do give this new place a try & let me know your experience.

Cheers !


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