Its 4 Years Of Highway!

Last night I was just browsing my Instagram feeds and suddenly stumbled upon a story posted by Alia Bhatt! It read – 4 years to highway! With my thumb pressed on the screen, not letting the story disappear, I wondered how time does fly!

Movies have been an integral part of my life ever since I moved to Bangalore for higher studies. As a kid, I was watching movies on TV and I would be so glued to it that my mother used to complain about it all the time. For me, movies meant living a different reality for a couple of hours. Being able to walk in the character’s shoes, living their adventurous life gave me a different thrill altogether. Movies only made me stronger! They taught me lessons for life.

One such movie was Highway!

This Alia Bhatt starrer took me on a journey of retrospection and gave me a reality check on how I have grown up but I have not learnt to speak up! The movie was about this girl, Veera (Alia Bhatt) who gets kidnapped a day before her wedding. Mahabir (Randep Hooda), one of her captors, shares her fears and insecurities only to realize she feels much safer in his hands than at her home itself (a typical case of Stockholm syndrome). She sees a confidante in Mahabir and discloses her darkest fears from childhood on how she was abused by her uncle and Mahabir shares his bad experiences as a kid too. The Imtiaz Ali movie with an amazing A. R Rehman music takes you on a different journey and gets very relatable at one point. It ends with Police tracing Veera and shooting Mahabir. Veera reaches home filled with anger and sadness only to confront her parents and let them know how living with a stranger was much safer than staying at home. She decides to leave her family and the luxurious life behind and moves to a place where she can live peacefully!

We all wish that don’t we? To go far away to a noman’s land where we can live the way we want without any fear. I wish it was that simple like they show in the movies. Well, we all have had our share of sexual abuse as kids or as grown up women but how have we acknowledged it? How often have we discussed it freely with our elders and told them that “sssh”ing us will not help us in any manner? Did we speak up to our HR’s about how inconvenient it gets at office while a colleagues stares or makes a bad move at us? This list can go on and on!

It’s been 4 years since the movie has released, it’s been 4 years of the time you could give yourself for raising your voice against those people who ill-treated you or touched you wrongly at public places. If you haven’t already, then its time! Be assured that the more you fear, the more confident these people get, to do anything with anyone anywhere! There is only one way out and it is to stand up and speak up!

It is time you look for the Patakkha Guddi in you!



P.S: Due credits to respective owners for the images from Google.

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