Friday Casual Lunch Outing @ Delhi Kitchen, Aundh , Pune

A little about Delhi Kitchen:

Delhi Kitchen has been one of the best old school no frill eateries in Pune serving some typical Dilli style north Indian food. Started as a small kitchen with a few tables in Kotbagi lane, Aundh,  right now the restaurant features both an outdoor & an AC seating section.Over a period of time the place has evolved to its own good and yet the food still remains the same with respect to quantity & quality. I have been a loyal patron to them from the day I have been here at Pune & till date I can hardly remember a very few instances when I had to reason out my disappointments. It was  a casual lunch outing for all of my team & this is probably the second time we are visiting this place & returning completely satisfied. Just a small note that this place is located in a very small lane & parking can be an issue on busy days – so do keep that in mind.

Their specialties:

The menu is pretty much no frill & you definitely are not misled by fancy names / titles. The food – it is tasty, buttery & as far as any North Indian restaurant goes the food is pretty heavy on the palate owing to its richness. It is very hard for me to miss out on standard contenders here hence my usual order starts with a round of kebabs followed by main courses with some soft drinks to wash down that grease down the throat & call it unfortunate but this place does not have too much to offer in terms of desserts.

Our Experience:

It is very hard for me to NOT order butter chicken at this place – for me this place serves one of the best butter chickens in Pune ( Strictly a personal opinion ) , my kebab saga  has taken me on ride at times here but a standard order like the tandoori or the afghani never disappoints. The meat is cooked beautifully tender & well to the core. They do go a bit overboard on spices when it comes to the kebabs – like the angara kebabs which literally gives the effect of gobbling a hot piece charcoal in your mouth. But honestly they just do a very good job with the taste, quality & the quantity of kebabs to oversee all these downsides.


The chefs special spinach with chicken & spinach with broccoli are one of its kind of innovation where in both skills of the chef &  the final taste amalgamate in a beautiful fashion to present something spectacular to you.Looks of this dish can be very deceptive but once you put it in your mouth – the entire portion just melts away to its  glory. As absurd as the combination of greens with the meat may sound – the basic cooking with help of just steam, the bare minimum seasonings & the generous use of cheese to bind the elements together works very well in the favor of chef. Even the accompaniment of a mayo based dip elates your experience to next level – so a big thumbs up for that ! My only qualms here would be the quantity, since for the amount of money you pay – you end up getting meager little pieces & more over it  tastes so good that it leaves you with two choices – either wait for the next chance to visit this place or take up that extra dent on your wallet like a man !

Even after all these visits I have hardly gained courage to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to ordering the main courses. Their butter chicken is just so close to what a perfect butter chicken should be for me. The gravy has just the right amount of tartness from those tomatoes, the buttery feeling is not over done with the use of cream , the balance of flavors like sweet, spicy & the that little sniff of cardamom just makes this gravy a perfect bed for those chunks of grilled tender chicken pieces. Scoop it up with their laccha paratha/naan – you do experience nirvana at that moment ( provided you are a butter chicken loyalist ) . I do have occasionally tried their other curries like Kadai Chicken , Mughlai Chicken etc. but nothing comes out as good as butter chicken at Delhi Kitchen. Just to add they make a mean Dal Makhani too but unfortunately its a little too creamy for my liking. Vegetarians on the other hand need not be disappointed since they cook some pretty good veg food also, we tried Methi Mutter Malai  & it was really one of the good one’s that I have had in recent past. No overpowering taste of methi or the cream & the mustard oil that they use to flavor this dish builds a major body around the taste profile.

Butter Chicken , Mughalai Chicken Curry & Methi Mutter Malai

Final Verdict:

The food here is good & the service is very reasonable. A meal for two will set you back by approximately Rs.500 depending on your appetite & this is definitely a must visit place if you ever love butter chicken & north Indian food in general. A good thing to note is that, prices mentioned on the menu are inclusive of taxes hence you are being free’d of that little additional burden. Overall its a palate bhi kush & wallet bhi khush ( both palate & wallet are pleased)  experience . Do visit them once & let me know your views in the comments below 🙂

Must Have’s : Butter Chicken , Dal Makhani , Chef’s special Spinach & Cheese / Spinach & Broccoli .

Can avoid: Nothing to be avoided as such but desserts in general were just average for the price you pay – so probably you can skip them here since there are better places in the vicinity for the same.

Address: Shop No: 1, 2, 3 & 4, Nirmal Apartment, Park Avenue, D P Road,, Aundh, Harmony Society, Ward No. 8, Wireless Colony, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007

Map Location :

Contact Number: 020 2589 7725

Cheers !


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