Biryani Experience @ Jai Bhawani, Khed Shivapur

From the time my dad has been transferred to Satara, every alternate weekend we head to Satara to meet my parents. We usually head back on Monday mornings to avoid the heavy weekend traffic entering Pune on Sunday. However there are few exceptions when we decide to leave on Sunday evenings and enter Pune just at right time for dinner! During one such days we discovered this place.

Where do we go?

While there are quite a few options near Khed Shivapur stretch, we mostly end up at Jai Bhawani Biryani House for few simple reasons,

  1. There is sufficient parking always & now since there is a flyover constructed bang adjacent to it there is hardly any traffic on service road.
  2. The place is neat & clean and it is very well managed with decent crowd.
  3. It is priced very reasonably for the quality and the quantity of the food they serve.
  4. The place is brightly lit & ambiance is very basic but their food takes all the credit than those few fancy places who tend to up sell food on the basis of pseudo-gavran (village like) ambiance.

Note: Now there are two Jai Bhawani’s in the vicinity & supposedly they are owned by the same management separated by 300 mts. While I have not visited the place that is on the section of the Pune – Bengaluru side of NH4, I am regular at this place which is located on the Bengaluru – Pune part of NH4.

Our Experience:

While the place offers both thali & the biryani options for people, I have tried both of them from their A la carte menu.

Shahi Chicken Thali

Shahi Chicken Thali – This thali costing Rs.270 comes with a humongous Bhakri, Kala Masala Chicken Fry, Chicken Rassa, Boiled Egg, Raitha (a fresh salad made with minced cucumbers, onions & some fresh coriander with yoghurt) & mini portion of Biryani. You have an option of Jowar (Sorghum) Bhakri or Bhajri (Pearl Millet) Bhakri.

  • The Bhakri is almost a feet in diameter here & you get an option for extra layer of Sajuk Tup (Ghee/Clarified Butter) on top of it. So in case you are multiple people sharing a meal, I would definitely recommend sharing the Bhakri to avoid food wastage.
  • The Kala Masala Chicken Fry was greatly dominated with the taste of whole spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, pepper etc but honestly it was way too spicy for my liking. Again being advertised as made with Sajuk Tup, the flavor of the ghee was largely dampened due to the excessive use of whole spices.
  • The Rassa (thin spicy gravy made mainly with meat stock) is common condiment served almost with every dish here & has some great chicken flavor punch to it.

Overall it’s a heavy meal for one and except the portions of meat & the biryani everything else is unlimited. So if you are someone with a huge appetite you can definitely opt for this & eat to your heart’s content.

Sajuk Tupatil Chicken Dum Biryani
Chicken Dum Biryani – Top view
Chicken Biryani – A Single Scoop




Chicken Dum Biryani made with Sajuk Tup – Before I say anything else, they make a very likeable version of their own style of biryani. Though it costs Rs.200, when I read words like sajuk tup and dum I had to go ahead and order it. Just to elaborate the experience a little,

  • The quantity was just sufficient for two with very medium appetite. Its like two plates is too much & one does not satiate your hunger entirely if you have a large appetite 😛
  • The meat was cooked beautifully tender but if you are unlucky to be served with breast meat then expect a few tough & chewy pieces.
  • That ratio of masala to the rice is very good. The masala was very aptly spiced & very well flavored with no overpowering taste of the spices used.
  • The only downside here was the Sajuk Tup effect of the Biryani. It was almost NIL for me & I found the Biryani to be very oily (and not ghee’ey) when it comes to the accompanying masala.
  • Another key thing I noted was the lack of that meaty flavor in rice which is a prominent characteristic of any good Dum Biryani.

Final Verdict:

The place has good parking, decent ambiance & fairly good food as compared to highway standards. They make a very likable version of biryani but probably benchmarks for the same have been set quite high by other competitors in the city in the same price range. Service is fast & efficient although very rarely I have been victim of the “extra mineral water bottle” on table without asking. They do overprice their soft drinks by a very good margin, which is a big no-no for me, but after that spicy, greasy meal I succumb to my cravings than to my moral values. And if we look into the washroom part of the highway motel deal, it is not that great either.

Despite me stating so many disappointments I would still recommend this place for a good food served super-fast & right under the budget. A meal for two right under Rs.500.

Must have’s: Sajuk Tup Chicken Biryani.

Avoid: On a strictly personal note I would avoid the Thali here. I feel that there is more justice to your money in the Biryani than the Thali. Since there is sufficient Rassa being served with the Biryani you can opt for additional Bhakri or two at a fraction of cost than paying a premium for that small plate of Chicken fry that comes with the Thali.

Address: KondalPur Phata, Khedshivapur, Pune – Satara Highway, Pune, Maharashtra – 412205 ( Land mark – it is a few kms ahead of Khed Shivapur toll towards Pune)

Map Location:

Contact Number: 020 71967583 /91300 30340

Cheers !


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