Akaash Vani – A Luv Ranjan Movie Nobody Noticed!

Language: Hindi

Genre: Romance, Drama

Lead Cast: Kartik Aaryan, Nushrat Bharucha

With the recent release and the success of the movie “Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety” by Luv Ranjan, there are many feminist and movie critics raising their voices on how this movie flaunts misogyny and is women bashing. Reading such reviews, I felt the need to comment on one of the least talked about movies of this director by the name “Akaash Vani” released in 2013.

Luv Ranjan, the director of the cult comedy movie Pyar Ka Punchanama and its sequel is now being tagged as he does movies which are anti woman or sexist and they aren’t a good influence on the society. Surprisingly we who try to criticize these movies fail to realize that this very same director directed & wrote a brilliant script that highlighted the most important topic of marital rape in his second movie. Sadly having the same cast and the same director didn’t really impress the audience and eventually this became a “DISASTER” at the box office.

“Akaash Vani” revolves around the lives of Akaash & Vani. They become friends at college and the friendship slowly blossoms into love. The first half is full of life and so much fun just like any other Luv Ranjan movies but the second half throws the harsh reality at us. In the second half, Akaash moves to another country to pursue higher studies and Vani is stuck with her issues at home eventually being forced to marry a guy who is chosen by her dad. Isn’t this a common scenario at most of the households in India? Is every parent as progressive as they show in some movies? Vani finally meets Akaash at a college reunion and how Akaash figures out the reality and the reason behind her unhappiness in that marriage is what forms the rest of the story. I definitely would be giving away a lot if I said the movie is about marital rape but it is essential to say so because many people deny that it still exists and find it hard to even discuss it publicly, let alone make a movie about it!

This movie did help the actors especially the lead couple Nushrut and Kartik work on their acting skills. Kartik has also agreed to this in an interview saying this is one of the favorite movies and it let him explore his skills to a great extent. The chemistry between these two actors in this movie is way better than what you see in their other movies. I personally loved their acting here and found it to be the best of their performances till date.

While we have the critics bashing the movie makers for their recent release Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, I would like to really know what’s wrong with the movie. Don’t we show men as villains in every other movie? Don’t these daily soaps by Ekta Kapoor also highlight “One woman is another woman’s enemy” philosophy on a daily basis? If so what’s wrong with showing a woman can be shrewd and cunning in a relationship? Did they go too far by making 3 movies with “almost similar” plot? Well they were all smash hits, weren’t they? So, dear critics audience seems to love these kind of movies once in a while and they go watch it and this encourages the movie maker to explore more in the same genre. The minute he decides to make a serious movie like “Akaash Vani” nobody seems to give it a damn!

Anyway readers, here’s the link for the movie, watch the movie this weekend and let me know your views about the same!


Happy Watching!



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