About Us

“hungrylittlepai” as the name suggests is created with an intention to share our food, travel & life experiences. We (Kartik Pai & Shwetha Kamath) both are Software QA/QC Professionals (at least till now!) & majority of our time is spent in working out on quality solutions for our company. Rest of our time we eat, travel, sleep & repeat! We love to experience different cuisines, flavors and understand the essence and the efforts behind what goes into bringing that beautiful plate of food on to our table.

Apart from all that is mentioned above, both of us love to cook vividly at home, fine tuning our favorite recipes ( that we will definitely share here ) & screwing up a few other times on standard one’s. Through this platform we mainly look forward to share our experiences & most importantly connect with a lot of you with similar interests to learn more about food , travel & life.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add, we both love movies & we are the type of creatures who can even binge watch up to 2 shows at night back to back that too in a multiplex. So you can expect a few decent movie experiences here too. This small step of ours is to give you a glimpse of of our lives & we really do hope you like it.

Cheers !


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